One Perfect Lie

29939066 One Perfect Lie by Lisa Scottoline

**This review is based on an ARC from Netgalley, release date is 4/11/17.

Summary from Goodreads:

On paper, Chris Brennan looks perfect. He’s applying for a job as a high school government teacher, he’s ready to step in as an assistant baseball coach, and his references are impeccable.
But everything about Chris Brennan is a lie.
Susan Sematov is proud of her son Raz, a high school pitcher so athletically talented that he’s being recruited for a full-ride scholarship to a Division I college, with a future in major-league baseball. But Raz’s father died only a few months ago, leaving her son in a vulnerable place where any new father figure might influence him for good, or evil.
Heather Larkin is a struggling single mother who lives for her son Justin’s baseball games. But Justin is shy, and Heather fears he is being lured down a dark path by one of his teammates, a young man from an affluent family whose fun-loving manner might possibly conceal his violent plans.
Mindy Kostis succumbs to the pressure of being a surgeon’s wife by filling her days with social events and too many gin and tonics. But she doesn’t know that her husband and her son, Evan, are keeping secrets from her – secrets that might destroy all of them.
At the center of all of them is Chris Brennan. Why is he there? What does he want? And what is he willing to do to get it?

My thoughts:

Lisa Scottoline never disappoints me. I really enjoy her family mystery/thrillers each time I read them. This one was no different. I have been ill (see previous post) and this is the first book I picked up and read in over 2 months and I finished it pretty quickly. I’m glad I chose this one to get me back into the swing of things. Anyway, Chris Brennan is a likable character even though you have no clue what he’s up to for quite some time. Sometimes, he seems evil and I almost didn’t forgive him for something that I thought he did (vague, I know, but can’t give away spoilers), but still likable regardless. I enjoyed the whole cast of characters, especially Jordan’s mother, Heather. She was a woman you wanted to root for for some reason. I went into the book not knowing any details and person and Scottoline kept me guessing throughout. I had no clue that certain people would be involved. It was pretty fast-paced, but highly detailed as well. I highly recommend to friends and family. I do buy these for my high school library as well, because a lot of our teachers enjoy my recommendation of this author.

My rating: 5/5


Where I’ve Been: An Apology to My Readers

So, it’s pretty obvi2014_scleroderma_awareness_icon_2ous that I haven’t posted in quite some time. I do want to apologize for that, even though it was beyond my control. For this entire school year, I have been having some major health issues and I was finally recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. I will attach some links/resources at the bottom if you’re curious. It is a fairly rare disease and is not easily diagnosed, we have had to rule out many other things in the process of getting to that conclusion. Even right now, I am still waiting on more tests to make sure nothing else is going on and my Rheumatologist says I have a very active case of Scleroderma regardless if there are other problems or not.

That being said, for many months I was having lots of complications involving my hands–finger ulcers, Raynaud’s phenomemon, etc.–which prevented me from doing much typing or computer work beyond what I have to do for my job as a school librarian. I also fell into somewhat of a depression and didn’t read for a few months (that’s when I knew this was serious)! If I don’t read, I can’t write book reviews so that explains my disappearance.

I have recently started taking steroids to help with some of the symptoms and it has really helped so far, hoping we can keep it up! Scleroderma is not curable, but many of the symptoms can be alleviated through medications, so these may just be a temporary fix. For now, I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things and try to be normal! Thanks for sticking around all this time.


Scleroderma Foundation

Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Center