Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

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So, I have decided to cater to the “Princess” side of my blog some too by posting about girly stuff! Not only am I a book nerd, but I also love beauty products, hairstyles, and clothes (oh, how I love clothes). From now on, you will be seeing both book-related (Library) posts and Beauty & Style posts and you can navigate to just one or the other on the top menu.

To start my Beauty & Style section, I want to review a product that I am grateful to have found. I have always loved the look of painted nails, but had a horrible time getting polish to stay on my natural nails. While I like the look of acrylics, I don’t like the feel and always wanted to chew at them (gross, I know!). I would paint my natural nails in the evening and they would chip overnight…while I was sleeping! What?! So, I saw this product in my local Walmart and decided to give it a go.  Each color was $7.97 and you must have the Miracle Gel top coat for this product to work. You do not need a UV light to get this to work. There is quite a selection of shades to choose from and these are the two above that I have purchased so far (Shock Wave-pink and Sugar fix-blue). I purchased the pink and top coat first and tried it out.  It lasted 5 days (5!!) before I got bored and took it off, so it probably would have lasted longer. That is a record for me, though, so I was happy. I have also tried just the top coat with other quality brands (non-gel) and it did help them last much longer than normal as well. Using both the Miracle Gel color and the Miracle Gel top coat does work better, of course. I bought Sugar Fix over the weekend and am now obsessed with it…until I get bored again. I don’t usually match my fingers and toes, but I did this time and was disappointed that it was a bit too chilly out to show off my toes today!

Sum it up: If you have always avoided polish because you get frustrated with almost immediate chipping, try this product! I love it! I do get occasional air bubbles so be careful with that, but great overall.

Bonus factor: My nails have been growing like crazy because I have kept them nice and polished, so I am not picking and chewing at them constantly!