Genrefication Step 2 is done!

Whew!! What a journey just this part has been so far. I haven’t written about this before, but we are in the process of genrefying our Fiction section in my high school library. The first step happened last spring, when we decided which genres we were going to use and how to go through the process.  Here are the genres we decided on:

  1. Realistic & General (kind of a catch-all if needed)
  2. Mystery, Horror, & Suspense
  3. Science Fiction & Fantasy (am already thinking about eventually separating these 2 sections)
  4. Sports
  5. Action & Adventure
  6. Historical
  7. Urban
  8. Relationships & Romance

Last page!

I finished the last sheets of our shelf list this week, so I have now gone through every single fiction book we own and determined which genre it belongs in—no better way to familiarize yourself with your collection!

We did have some “special” collections from the previous librarian that I had incorporated into regular fiction that I still have to go through, but I am celebrating today anyway! 🙂

As I have been determining genres, I have then passed on the completed sheets to my lovely assistants and they have been actually applying the colored labels to the spines (see picture below) and they are also on the very last section. Wahoo! Each genre has a specific color label to go with it.

The biggest challenge thus far has just been making a judgement call when a book falls into more than one genre, which SO many of them do. I have struggled with some, but decided to just go with my gut. I introduced the new system to my Freshman class this week and they seemed intrigued. Hopefully, we will see a big boost in circulation. I will be tracking it closely and updating you later.


Last section!

Step 3: Changing the genre in the Library Catalog! We are just adding a genre code before the FIC prefix on all the titles (i.e. MH for Mystery, RG for Realistic, etc.), so a call number would like something like this: MH FIC BAN

Excited to get this done! More to come soon.


The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis

18369372 The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis

**This review is based on an ARC from Netgalley, release date 9/8/15.

Maggie has only been blind for 6 months, resulting from a serious case of meningitis. She is trying to adjust to her new circumstances after 17 years of being “normal”. The worst part is that her love of soccer has been ruined and she can no longer play for the team she so adored. After meeting with her probation officer (over a school prank), she falls and hits her head in the waiting room and wakes up to a stranger…but, the crazy thing is that she can SEE this person named Ben.  He is the only one she can actually see and his light grows brighter and brighter as they become closer friends. He is a loving, adorable kid who happens to be 7 years younger than Maggie. It also turns out that his brother is the lead singer of a band that Maggie is obsessed with and he thinks she is faking being blind to be a groupie. While getting to know Ben’s family, she struggles with trying to figure out why she can see him and realizes that there are actually a few others she can see as well.  What is it that they all have in common? Will she figure it out before it goes away and before it’s too late?

I requested this book a while back and kind of forgot about it until this past weekend after I finished another book and needed something to read. I read the description and thought it sounded okay, but when I read some of the reviews on Goodreads, I knew I had to read it. Turns out, I totally agree with most of the reviews I came across, and I think this book is beautiful. It is a little bit heart-wrenching, a little bit funny, and a little bit romantic–the perfect combination of all three of those things to be a great story. I loved the writing style of this author and the creative storyline. I also liked that there was no perfect, insta-love happening because that irritates me. This is a wonderful story about kids/teens dealing with crappy situations that have been handed to them in life and still being able to develop relationships and confront their issues. I will be highly recommending this book when it arrives in my school library. Thank you, Marci Lyn Curtis, for such a beautiful book.

My rating: 5/5