A little about me:

I am a high school librarian in Southeast Missouri at a school with approximately 1200 students in grades 9-12.  I previously worked in an elementary school in Southeast Missouri and a charter school in St. Louis, MO with K-8 students.  I have found my perfect fit here at CHS, working with teens and recommending books to my students and colleagues.  I couldn’t be happier!  On the personal side of things, I own a house in my hometown and love being a homeowner (for the most part).  I have 3 precious fur babies–a Pomeranian named Annabelle, a Chihuahua named Violet, and a HUGE cat named Koby; which I’m sure you will see photos of if you follow me anywhere else.  Shameless plug for social media: Twitter handle is @sarakiplinger and Facebook is facebook.com/sarakip.  I love networking with my fellow librarians on social media to share as many ideas and successes as possible!  My mom branded me as a princess from birth by blessing me with the name Sara, which means Princess, so it is just part of who I am…Thanks, Mom!🙂

What to expect:

Though I’m not sure of everything I will include on here, I do plan to share my thoughts on books I read (advanced reader copies and already released titles), share info about what kinds of things I’m doing in my library, discuss what’s happening in the Young Adult Lit world, talk about books being made into movies, and share some of the other reading-related things that I do.  I am hoping to build my PLN through my blog, so please follow my posts!

Happy Reading!


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