Quick Review: Damaged

28203746 Damaged by Lisa Scottoline

My thoughts:

This is exactly what I have come to expect from a Lisa Scottoline book. I wasn’t sure about reading it because I have not read the others in this particular series (read almost everything else by her though!), but I found it was not necessary to have read the ones before this. I just love Lisa’s writing style and storytelling skills. I am not normally much of a mystery fan, but I always pick up her new titles immediately. I liked Mary as a character, and I particularly liked that this book focused on a special education case since I am in the education field also. It was a bit of a heart-breaking story; but, unfortunately, all too real and possible. I will highly recommend this book to my colleagues, most of which I have already gotten hooked on Lisa’s books.  Lisa has quickly become one of my favorite, go-to authors over the past 2 years.

My rating: 5/5

**This review is based on an ARC from Netgalley, release date 8/16/16.


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