Book Expo America (BEA)–Day 2

The second day of BEA was a little less intimidating since I kinda knew where things were and how things worked. I was also super-pumped because Thursday was the day to meet my favorite person there, Jennifer Niven (more in a bit on that)! I didn’t rush myself to get down there early and I didn’t really miss out on getting tickets for anyone that I felt was super important, so I was okay with that. I was also already exhausted, so I wanted that extra rest.

The first line I got in was for David Levithan, whom I have actually met at MASL (Missouri Association of School Librarians) once before, but I love his books and have a lot of students who do as well. I picked up the new Dash & Lily book and got this cute picture with him. The first Dash & Lily book was a Gateway award nominee my first year as a high school librarian, so I think I need to re-read it before I tackle this one, as I can’t remember many details (it happens when you read too many books!).


I am a fan of Melissa de la Cruz’s Witches of East End series and I LOVED the Descendants movie on Disney Channel, so I went ahead and got a copy of the first book signed to go along with my copy of the second book I would get later. I can’t wait to read both! I didn’t get to talk to her much, but she seemed pretty entertaining.


Amazing, how quickly your morning can go by at this kind of thing…I guess when each line is long, it takes up a lot of time. I did grab some copies of ARCs and browse in between, but it was time to line up for Jennifer Niven, so that was my tunnel vision. I wanted to get in line early, because I didn’t want to take any risks of not getting to see her. Just the week before, she had sent me a private message on Twitter thanking me for my support and asking me if I wanted to read an early copy of her new book. I have been a huge fan since reading All the Bright Places before it even came out (thanks Netgalley!) and was thrilled to accept her offer. I didn’t realize I was going to get another copy at BEA, but that is just more love for me to share. Upon meeting Jennifer, I told her who I was and she thanked me and gave me a big hug. It made my day for sure! I look like a goofball in the picture because I was so excited. After leaving her signing, I went to another booth and then came back to the Penguin booth to get in line for another book, but I saw Jennifer standing off to the side and stopped to chat again for a bit. She is a sweetheart and is super pretty to go along with it! Oh, also, I already finished her new one, Holding Up the Universe, and am equally as obsessed as I was with her first one. You are going to get annoyed with my raves to come! (Review soon)


I got in the line for Jodi Picoult next, it wasn’t crowded yet, but I knew it would get that way! About 5 minutes after getting in line, it started multiplying quickly. I was thankful I had the foresight to get there early. I have been reading Jodi’s books for years, and think I have read them all, except for the ones with her daughter, which are on my TBR pile. I also recommend her books to my colleagues, family, and friends all the time. I can’t wait to read this one, so I can recommend it as well.


The whole time I was in the line for Jodi Picoult, I was eyeing the chairs in the Panel area and couldn’t wait to sit down for the YA session with Jennifer Niven, David Levithan, David Arnold, and Chelsea Sedoti. The only one I hadn’t heard of was Chelsea, but she sold me on her new book and I can’t wait to read it. I also thought it was super cute that she was so nervous. I was hoping by this point that Jennifer Niven wasn’t getting a  little worried that I was being stalker-ish. 🙂 And this wasn’t even the last of our interactions, I’m a fangirl, what can I say?! Anyway, the panel was great and I enjoyed their discussion and interactions with one another. The two Davids were rather funny together. Plus, sitting down was oh-so-wonderful!

So, here’s the Day 2 stash…it’s a great one! I didn’t mention Replica above, but I was excited to get it too. It looks really neat…but, man, that line was a bit cray. Stood there for a LONG time, I bet it will be worth it!  Stay tuned for more about BEA Day 3, BookCon, and reviews of these wonderful books over the next several months. By the way, anyone in need of a tote bag or twenty?!


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