Chloe by Design: Balancing Act by Margaret Gurevich

25377547 Balancing Act by Margaret Gurevich

Even though there were lots of issues with this book, I still liked the overall story and concept of this series so I still gave it 3 stars, as opposed to the 2 I was considering. This is the continuation of Chloe’s story after winning a design show in the first book. She is working at her internship at a famous designer in NYC as part of her prize and gets to experience several different departments in the fashion world. This story really focuses on the fashion aspect of her life, there is a touch of romance and some drama, but it is definitely good for fashionistas. I love the full-color illustrations of her different design ideas. It really helps you see what she’s talking about as opposed to just having to use your imagination. Plus, it just makes the book look more interesting.

As I commented on another review, I was not impressed in the least with the repetition that I found to be a major part of this story. I’m hoping that is something that is fixed before the actual book is released. If I had to read one more time about who Leisel McKay was, I was going to throw my iPad across the room. If a reader can’t remember who a character is after the first introduction, then they should just quit reading! Sheesh! We were told at least 5 times that Leisel was a designer that worked as a mentor to Chloe on the design show….oh, and she is Jake’s mom. Who is Jake? Don’t worry, that will be explained a few times too. Sorry if this seems harsh, but I found it seemed like the author felt the reader was too stupid to remember details.

Anyway, this is still a fun story that I will probably purchase for my high school library since I already have the first book and because I know it will appeal to a certain demographic of students. Hopefully, those errors will be resolved by publication.

My rating: 3/5

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