Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

23492282 Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

**This review is based on an ARC from Netgalley, release date 5/26/15.

Katie McGarry has done it again…drawn me into something that I would usually have zero interest in.  She has done it with boxing, racing, and now motorcycle clubs. This author has the uncanny ability to tell a story of real-life first love while teaching you all about different kinds of lifestyles. This particular book is about Emily and Oz, told in alternating viewpoints. Emily comes from a safe home in Florida, living with biological mom and a dad who adopted her at a young age.  She has only spent a handful of hours with her biological father in her 17 years and that usually only involved shopping and a barrage of questions thrown at her about her life. She learns of the death of her real father’s mother, Olivia, and travels to Kentucky with her parents to attend the wake.  Little does she know, Olivia is not dead…she is sick and wanted to have her own party before the cancer really set in. While in Kentucky, Olivia comes across some scary members of a rival motorcycle club and is put under the protection of Oz.  Oz is a year older than Olivia and is coming up on his time to finally become a member of the motorcycle club that he has grown up around.  He is not blood-related to Emily’s family, but considers them his own. Eli, Emily’s real father, convinces her parents that it would be safest for her to stay with them in Kentucky for a while until this all blows over, and to spend time with her grandmother before her passing. Emily is somewhat horrified by this lifestyle, but slowly starts adjusting with the help of Oz and a few others near her age. She starts to uncover secrets about her past and wants to know more, but Olivia is weary about opening up to her since she promised Eli a long time ago that the secret would never come out. In the process, she and Oz are trying not to fall for each other, as it would only complicate things more. We all know the classic good girl falls for bad boy story, but Katie tells it in such an endearing and relatable way.  Her research into various lifestyles and interests is extensive and her writing is impeccable.I can’t wait to recommend yet another of her books to my students!

My rating: 5/5


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