A to Z for book nerds like me!

I borrowed this from YA Book Nerd:
Average number of books you read in a year? 110
Best sequel you’ve read recently? Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury (love her so much)
Challenges – do you participate in them? Yes, I do a Goodreads challenge every year and I keep track of my progress outside of my office door so students can see where I’m at and what I’ve been reading.
Do you eat and read at the same time? Not usually
Ever stay up all night reading for fun? ALL night? No, but very late sometimes
Favorite childhood/teen book? Love me some Sweet Valley, this is probably my fave ever
Genre you read the most of? Contemporary (YA and adult)
Happy, sad, or realistic ending? Happy or realistic, I don’t always like when things wrap up too nicely
Interested in nonfiction too? Ehhh…usually only if it reads like fiction, like a Memoir
Just one genre – or do you hop around? Hop around
Keep track of your reading stats? On Goodreads, it saves me!
Last book you read and Loved? All of them?! Okay….Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill 
Made you cry? That doesn’t really happen, but closest to making me cry was All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Number of books you read at one time? Try to stick to 1, but sometimes 1 at work and 1 at home
Out of order in series books or sequential? Sequential, don’t be silly!
Place you read the most? Bed
Quiet necessary when reading or can you read with noise? I prefer quiet
Reviews – positive, negative, or in between? Mostly positive
Start with the ending to see if you like it or read the book front to back? OMG, who are you?! Never ever start at the end
Take your time reading that book you’ve been waiting to read or rush through it find out what happens? Umm, I just read it
Underdog – do you root for these characters? Sure
Vocal about books you love? Yes, on social media and among my friends/coworkers
Winning books – do you enter contests on bloggers’ sites? Not really
Xtra excited about meeting a favorite author or totally calm? I would totally be excited!
Yacking about book – who do you yack with the most about books? Students or a few select others
Zappy read (where after you close the book, you smile with happiness and maybe dance around a bit.  Oh gosh, I don’t know I don’t really do anything after I finish a book except for start a new one. 

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