Take My Breath Away by Wendy L. Wilson

24703088 Take My Breath Away by Wendy L. Wilson

**This review is based on my experience as a beta reader for this title, it releases on 4/20/15.

This was a title that has some definite appeal for young adult, women’s fiction, and contemporary romance readers as well.

So, here’s what happens, briefly:
Alyssa is, seemingly, someone who has a lot going for her at the beginning of this story. She has just graduated from high school and has been in a serious relationship for a while with someone that she thinks is great. When she discovers a horrible deception after attending a party, it seems her world is crashing down. At the same time, she gets some bad news relating to her family, which makes it all seem even worse. Her sister, Abby, convinces her to spend some time with “the girls” at the lake to wind down and distract herself. Immediately, she meets Judd and they fall in love with each other. In the beginning, everything is happy and perfect, but they have to go their separate ways as their time at the lake comes to an end. Knowing that things will continue as they have been, Alyssa is shocked when things don’t go as planned.
From this point, Alyssa’s goal is to distract herself by settling into college and getting an apartment with her best friend, Bethany (not a favorite character for sure). She is living life as happily as possible when Judd makes a comeback….but in a not-so-great way. Alyssa and Judd try to rekindle their romance, while facing some harsh challenges. Will they be able to make it through the troubles and still end up together? Just how many times can Alyssa take being deceived?

Though I felt that the immediate, new relationship with Judd was a bit unrealistic (that may be my own jaded views on relationships coming into play here), I did really like these characters. I felt that they were well-developed and very real. Alyssa is probably stronger than I would ever be when it comes to being able to ignore a man when he is sending you text after text and call after call! I also enjoyed some of the supporting characters, especially Evan (Judd’s best friend) and Abby (Alyssa’s sister). Overall, I feel that this was a good plot and a great debut from a new author!

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