Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

22716613 Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

**This review is based on an ARC from Netgalley, the hardcover releases in May.

I’m kind of tormented by the fact that I enjoyed this book so much because it is very twisted and disturbing. The story is set in a futuristic society where girls are “created” solely for the purpose of being sexual objects for men. People only birth sons and then 3 females are created for each son born, to give them options of course. The girls begin schooling at the age of 4 to learn how to be Barbies essentially, they are called eves in this book. At the end of their 16th year, they will be split into one of three categories–companion, concubine, or chastity. In other words, a sexual object for procreation, an unpaid sex slave, or a teacher of future eves. This book is based on freida’s character (they are not even worthy of capital letters in their names, took me awhile to figure that one out), but has many other essential characters as well. freida is on the verge of not even being considered to be a companion, as you must rank in the top 10 of your class of eves, but also cannot fathom the idea of becoming a concubine. The girls are taught from Day 1 that being fat is unacceptable and pretty much the most horrible thing you can be, so freida is shocked when her best friend, isabel, starts putting on loads of weight. isabel was previously a #1 ranking in the group and no one can figure out why she has let herself go.  This remains a mystery through pretty much the whole book, smarties may be able to figure out what’s going on though! Basically, the girls are all in direct competition with each other to try to win the hearts of one of the Inheritants, the top 10 males in the Euro-Zone. I do not want to go much more into plot detail, but let’s just say I was mesmerized and horrified at the same time. The cattiness of the girls is nothing compared to the sheer horror of women being treated in such a manner to begin with. I stayed up hours past my bedtime for the past 2 nights because I really couldn’t put this down and had to know what happened. Time was lost to me. When I finished the book just hours ago, I am pretty sure I had a horrible expression on my face because it was definitely not the conclusion I expected. I can’t figure out if I love the ending or hate it! I. Want. To. Know. More. (You hear me, Louise O’Neill?!)….although, I’m not sure there is more to know.  Okay, I’m done! I would say this is a must-read!

My rating: 5/5

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