Housewitch by Katie Schickel

22238194 Housewitch by Katie Schickel

**This review is based on an ARC from Netgalley, it releases today 2/17/15.

So, I hate comparing books to other books/movies (if I haven’t made that clear yet), but the best way to describe this for me is a mixture of Stepford Wives meets Bewitched meets Harry Potter.  This is the story of Allison Darling, a normal small-town mom and wife, who discovers that she has magical powers by accident. She was raised in foster homes and thinks her mother abandoned her as a child, but learns that there may be more to the story than she remembers.  She gets a call that her birth mother is dying and goes to visit her.  From her deathbed, Wilhemina tells Allison that she is a witch and that an enchantment will disappear when she dies, an enchantment that is protecting Allison from an evil witch. Allison sets out to find her mother’s sister and the truth, and learns a lot in the process.  She is also accepted into a “coven” of other housewives/moms in town that are called Glamour Girls.  They use products, not unlike Avon, to essentially control their whole town and are given orders by the queen Glamour girl, Astrid.  Is Astrid who she says she is? Will Allison be able to find out who the bad witch is and keep her from ruining them all? Through a mixture of flashbacks and present day chapters, we learn about the history of Allison’s family and the ins and outs of Astrid’s coven. I will not say much more for fear of giving away too much, but this was a good, fun read!  I will be recommending it to my adult friends, but I can’t imagine that many of my teen students will find it too exciting.  The writing moved at a good pace and kept the story interesting, I will keep this author on my radar.

My rating: 4/5

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