When by Victoria Laurie

20338342 When by Victoria Laurie

**This review is based on an ARC from Netgalley.  It releases today 1/13/15.

This was one of the earlier ARCs that I requested when I first started using Netgalley, so it’s been sitting there waiting for me to read for quite some time now.  I try to read as close to the release date as possible so that I can write a “fresh” review, as I am one who tends to get details from books mixed up or totally lost from reading so many titles.  I had been looking forward to reading this one though, as the premise was compelling to me.  Maddie can see numbers on everyone, even in photographs, and figures out the number reflects the date of that person’s death after her father passes away. Now, she is caught up in a situation where she looks guilty of committing murders because she has tried to warn people of their impending death.  A client comes to see her to ask about the death date of her daughter, who is suffering from cancer, and is grateful when Maddie tells her that the daughter will live a long life. The horrifying part is the date that Maddie sees on another of the woman’s children, which results in the woman thinking Maddie is a fake and accusing her of being involved in the child’s death when it does happen as predicted. Maddie can see dates, but not HOW the person is killed, so she is not able to change anyone’s path.  She is instructed by her uncle (also her lawyer) not to try to warn anyone else of their date, but of course, does not listen.  This results in more accusations against her.  The story is based around Maddie trying to prove that she is not involved with the actual deaths. It was a good, fast read and I didn’t predict who ends up being responsible for the deaths, so I guess that makes it a good mystery as well.  I finished this book in less than 2 days so it was interesting enough to keep my attention and read in large chunks.  I think I will be recommending this to several of my high schoolers.

My rating: 4/5


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