Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

mean streak Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

**This review is based on an ARC received from NetGalley, the title releases on 8/19/14.

Mean Streak is about a runner named Dr. Emory Charbonneau that disappears after going for a run in tough terrain in the mountains.  Emory wakes from a head injury to find herself in a cabin with a man she does not recognize and she cannot escape, nor be returned to town because of the fog and horrible weather conditions.  She cannot decide if she is being held captive or being taken care of.  Meanwhile, her cheating husband is very “concerned” and travels to the nearest town to get police to investigate her disappearance.  Police, as usual in this kind of case, are suspicious of the husband, Jeff, and question him more than anyone else.  Emory tries to resist the temptations that involved being locked in a small cabin with a very manly man while also trying to figure out just who he is and why he has secluded himself from the rest of the world.  She knows he has committed some kind of crime, but can’t figure out what it is….he won’t even tell her his name.  There is also a nearby family with some rough young men who are causing them trouble.  There are many twists and turns before the story comes to an end and I was unsure what to expect all the way through. Who injured Emory in the first place? Was it her captor/caretaker, her husband, a random stranger? For at least the first half of the book, I struggled with even putting it down because I wanted to know what was going to happen to her.  I did not find Jeff’s side of the story nearly as intriguing, mostly because I just didn’t like him as a character/person.  It was interesting trying to determine on my own if he was at fault though.  I have not read many Sandra Brown books, but was excited to get approved for this advanced copy because I know she is such a popular author and this title did not disappoint.  I did not see many of the things coming and I like when a story is not easy to figure out or too predictable.  Overall, a good and interesting read!

Who would I recommend this to?  I have already recommended it to my mom and sister, but will be recommending it to other adults looking for a good read.  Since I work with high school students, I will probably not purchase for my particular library.

My rating: 4/5

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