Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick

20something Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick

**This was an ARC from Netgalley.  The title is releasing August 12, 2014.

I have been reading a lot of New Adult titles lately and was getting a little weary and feeling like they were all the same.  While Channel 20 Something does have the themes that are ever-present in New Adult books– sexual tension, some sex scenes, people falling in love even though they don’t want to– it was a good, easy read.  The story is about Heidi, a young news reporter trying to work her way up in the news world.  Her contract with her current station (also her hometown) is coming to an end and she is determined to find a job in a bigger market.  When the weekend sports reporter leaves the station, Aric is brought in as a replacement.  He is the typical good-looking, egotistical playboy…or so Heidi thinks.  Throughout the story, Heidi struggles to stay away from getting involved with Aric for several reasons while also juggling a previous/kind of current relationship; but, of course, they can’t resist one another.  Heidi learns more about the kind of person Aric really is as they develop a romance.  I will not spoil the end, so I can’t say much more.  I am interested in reading the other books in the series as they release.  Overall, I was pleased with the plot and writing style of this book.

My rating: 4/5

Who would I recommend this book to?  Though I wouldn’t recommend this to my high school students because of sexual content, I would recommend it to my friends who also enjoy these kinds of stories.

Language:  Since it is a New Adult title, there is certainly some language, but it does not stand out to me.

Sexual content:  There is lots of sexual tension and, of course, a few sexual scenes are present.

Drugs/Alcohol:  There is quite a bit of mention of going out and drinking, but no drug-related content.

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