All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

Image All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

I have always been a fan of Jennifer Weiner’s Women’s fiction titles, as are my mom and sister and some friends, so I was excited to be able to read the advanced copy of this title so I could recommend it (or possibly not) to them.  I picked up this book without even reading a summary at first so I didn’t even know what I was going to be reading about.  This is the story of a suburban mom who deals with everyday struggles (some would say more struggles than others) and gets addicted to prescription painkillers.  It begins as a somewhat slow downward spiral, using regular doctors to get the meds, and then progresses very quickly into a major problem.  She starts buying the drugs on the internet through an unknown source and spends ungodly amounts of money.  The addiction really comes to light when she makes a poor choice while picking up her daughter from school one afternoon.  From this point, her story is about recovery and the struggles that go with it.  We have all read a story about someone getting lost in the world of drug use, I have ready many being a High School Librarian; but, Jennifer writes this story beautifully and in a way that doesn’t make you hate the addict or necessarily feel sorry for her either.  You can truly just relate to her thoughts and kind of see what it might be like if this happened to you.  The main character has grown up with a somewhat absent (or at least absent-minded) mother and has a marriage that was becoming hard to maintain, but the supporting characters step up in a way that is commendable and helps you see them in a good light as well.  The daughter in the story, Ellie, is a hilarious, “overly-sensitive” child that kept me entertained throughout the story.  As somewhat of a diva child myself, I could relate!  All in all, definitely worth a read!

My rating: 4/5

Who would I recommend this to?  Adult women mostly, maybe some of my older teen girls; anyone who has enjoyed previous Jennifer Weiner books; anyone who likes Women’s Fiction in general; fans of Sophie Kinsella, Emily Giffin, Kristin Hannah

Language:  There is some adult language, of course, but nothing appalling.

Drugs/Alcohol: As is the nature of the story, there is definitely drug use and references, as well as some alcohol.  It is not presented in a praiseful way though.

Sex:  Nothing appalling here either.

**This was an advanced reader copy obtained from NetGalley.

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