Take Me On by Katie McGarry

Image Take Me On by Katie McGarry

Well, Katie McGarry has done it again…at least for me!  I have read all of her titles within the past few months and have not been disappointed in the least.  Though these are your typical teenage romance drama– tragic boy meets tragic girl and they try not to fall in love with each other, it is done in a way that is totally readable.  All the characters are relatable and likable, and I can especially see my students being able to relate to them.  This is the story of Haley and West, who is a character from the previous story Crash Into You.  Haley grew up in a typical home with a fairly normal family…until her dad got laid off from his job.  With a struggle to find a new job, they have had to move into her uncle’s home, a man who is despicable to say the least.  Haley used to be a titleholder for fighting and quit due to an unfortunate incident with an ex-boyfriend.  She meets West in her run-down neighborhood by chance and they protect one another against someone trying to steal from Haley.  West is then kicked out of his home and starts attending Haley’s school, and thus their love story begins.  He is challenged to a “legal” fight by Haley’s ex and starts training with her, not knowing her past with fighting.  Throughout the story, Haley struggles with accepting her feelings for West, while West struggles with his family and the struggles they are going through.  Though West’s father tries to convince him to ditch Haley and go back to the way his life used to be, West proves that Haley is worth fighting for and does the right thing.  This will definitely be another title that I recommend to my student’s next school year, as well as Katie’s other titles.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series that goes back to the characters in the first title.  I like that you get to know a little about what’s going in all of the other character’s lives in each story, allowing you to keep up with those you have really come to love.

Who would I recommend this to?: Mostly my teen girls, but I think I will be able to convince some of the boys to read these because of the themes in all of the books

My rating (out of 5): 5

Language: Some rough language, but nothing that I don’t hear every day in the hallways

Sex: Sex scenes are present, but nothing graphic…always done responsibly as well

Drugs/Alcohol:  References to alcoholism within the family, but no use of it by teens in the story

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